Babe Crafted | Francessca Randall | Lombardo Team Real Estate
4:41Published on November 26, 2018
Happy Boss Babe Monday! Let me introduce you to Francessca Randall, an independent real estate agent based in Tampa, FL. Francessca was a teacher when she decided to change her life and switch industries in 2016. She’s now a top realtor at her brokerage, Lombardo Team and is constantly working to exceed expectations, goals, & kick fear to the curb. I really appreciate her advice for Boss Babes looking to start their own business— Francessca has experienced doubt and fear along her journey as an entrepreneur but she always finds the courage to trust her own instincts and has learned how to balance life as a business owner & a mom to her young son. She surrounds herself with people who love & support her family and isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it. I hope you enjoy meeting Francessca and hearing about her story, travel plans, & how she kills it in her newfound industry.