Babe Crafted | Kristen Hansen | Flawless Fêtes
4:47Published on January 14, 2019
Happy Boss Babe Wednesday, ladies! We have another fantastic woman whose story we’re excited to share with you. Her name is Kristen Hansen and she’s the Owner & Lead Planner of Flawless Fêtes. Kristen’s love for planning special occasions started long before she planned her own wedding in the Fall of 2011. The one thing she would change about her wedding day is that she would’ve hired a planner. She realized that having that expert who understood her & what she was looking for and could help tie the whole day together was super important to her. After experiencing a wedding firsthand without one and recognizing how much she enjoyed the planning process, she launched her business less than 6 months later and works tirelessly to create wonderful experiences for each and every bridge & groom that comes her way. Hear from Kristen on what advice she has for other small business owners and how to hire the right people for your team. Her candor is helpful & kind. Enjoy her words!