Babe Crafted | Danielle Bayard Jackson | Stride Media Group
3:43Published on September 25, 2019
Hiya! I’m so happy to introduce you to Danielle Bayard Jackson! She’s mom to a baby boy named Elijah, Co-Founder of Stride Media Group, and the honest & kind voice behind the Instagram, @girlgiveitarest. Danielle and her Co-Founder Josh Talkington launched Stride, a boutique media relations agency, in August of 2018. The goal of Stride is to get minority and woman-owned businesses “the shine they deserve” in the world of print, web, & TV media. How fantastic is that? I know you’re going to love hearing her story about how she went from an English teacher to a PR pro and how she overcomes obstacles. Dive in & enjoy her words! xx -Gina Check out Danielle's full Feature at