Babe Crafted | Rana Tierney | Roohi Photography
5:42Published on October 22, 2018
Hello there! Happy Monday! Meet Rana Tierney of Roohi Photography. Rana has been capturing memories through photography for 10 years. She began as a wedding photographer and has since pivoted towards being a photog who specializes in senior photography for young women who are moving from one life phase to another. This change was a huge deal for Rana; it was a challenging switch but has given her the chance to spend the weekends with her two young boys and husband. Rana is a proud momma & wife. Her family has supported her career & helped her build a strong foundation that helps her not only succeed, but also thrive. She’s honest & passionate, and I know you’ll absolutely love her story. Enjoy her words & stay boss. xx -G Check out Rana's full interview at