Collective House | Winter Formal | Coffee Shop Cliché
5:00Published on March 11, 2019
Introducing Winter Formal with their first original Coffee Shop Cliché. "It was the summer after I had graduated high school and a friend mine wanted to introduce me to a guitar player he thought I might be able to write with— Enter Justin Kampert. We hung out almost everyday that Summer and one afternoon he played me what would become the verse of Coffee Shop Cliche. I think we wrote the entire song in an hour. We kept writing and played at a few coffee houses but then I was busy with music school and it just never panned out to keep the “band” going. Friends would always ask us to “play the coffee song” when we were at parties and whatnot so we knew people liked it. It’s catchy as hell and about the unrequited affections of an 18 year old girl. What’s not to love? Fast forward about 14 years and here we are; a little older, probably not wiser, but we always seem to pick up where we left off." - Allison Gruchacz